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Luna Luxe, The Soul Hood
Alia & Ava

You can say that the magic and collaboration of the Luna Luxe Soul Hood, was an accident, or by chance, coincidence or ...fate?

     It basically started in New Jersey for a New Years Eve event. Ava Nicole, was one of the owners of Primp & Play of Moorestown. Her business partner, Tara Murphy, and creator of the entire franchise was a part of the "This Is It Tv" network by Cheldin Barlatt. At an event in October 2019, for the network, Ava Nicole gravitated naturally to Alia Sobel, who was also a host on the network. Her exact thoughts, while feeling a little out of place were "She looks cool and my kinda vibe, Ima go say hi".

    They instantly started chatting about crystals and the current phase of the moon and astrology. A connection was made; or rather a recognizing of kindred spirits, that feeling of I KNOW you! 

    Some weeks or even a month after, Alia was a guest speaker for a Naked Networking event. Tara and Nicole attended and listened to Alias story of how the Two Word Story mindset came about. Ava Nicole was moved because she could totally relate and also shares the same mission of helping others with what she has been though. Both healers in a different way. Which makes for a unique duo.

   Fast Forward to how the very first Luna Luxe event started.... well it wasn't called Luna Luxe yet. It was called The Ultimate Glow Up NYE event. It was PHENOMENAL!! Held at the spa, each guest got a surprise spa service, face mask, foot mask or hand mask. Ava Nicole lead a guided meditation, and Alia Sobel took everyone on an journaling adventure to help them reach their Two Word Story mantra for the year. They finished with designing their Sky Lantern with their mantra and than sending them to the universe all together.

   The energy was so uplifting and magical they knew a Soul Hood was born. So Luna Luxe became a thing. When Covid hit, we moved to virtual and we currently have a hybrid of some in person or online.

   Watching this Soul Hood grow has been a beautiful thing, but beyond that, is the changes people see in their lives, and even occurring IMMEDIATELY after the event. INSTANT MANIFESTATIONS truly do occur!!! We even still have some of the very first Luna Luxers attending to this day!

   We share our stories in a safe space, connect on a soul level and encourage and inspire each other to grow. Harnessing the mystical energy of the moon cycles, astrology, the universe and spirit guides to captivate our dreams, goals and desires.



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