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   We are a community, a network, a secret society. We are The Luna Luxe soul hood. A collaboration magnificently curated by  spirited, successful women of Two Word Story, Alia Sobel and Theta Soul Doctor, Ava Nicole. This new and full moon collective is all about aligning and promoting creative and spiritual growth, as well as breakthroughs and healing. Bringing together crafts, mantras, spa services, tarot readings, meditation, journaling, yoga, breathwork, astrology, Reiki and Thetahealing. As our little community grows from starting as strangers to becoming close friends and even feeling potentially like sisters, we shall share stunningly magical experiences a few times a month together. Growing a bond with like minded women who share the same goal of breaking down barriers and continually leveling up and being supported by other highly enlightened beings. Unique workshops, often offered to reach higher levels of awakening. In person and virtual events, located in both Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and West Palm Beach, Florida



Alia Marie

The Two Word Story movement, is an amazing mantra system that helps you train your mind and cognitive thoughts. Blasting out the negativity and gaining control, as well as reminding you of your "why". Alia is also a Yoga instructor, and queen of leading journaling sessions with profound questions forcing you to dig deeper.

Alia Marie & Ava Nicole

Alia & Ava both have dedicated their lives to helping others empower themselves. Each a force on their own, but together they are a revolution. A revolution for the spiritually tuned in. With new Double Coaching Techniques, one of a kind healing workshops. Thier events are fully love and light transcendence, with a touch of savage, classy bougie ratchet magic sauce!

Ava Nicole

Ava Nicole is an advanced practitioner of The Thetahealing Technique(R) and Reiki Master, and master teacher who attunes one to reiki; as well as an awesome meditation coach with a unique approach and soothing voice. With a gift for Tarot and psychic readings.


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Luna Luxe

Philadelphia, PA

Email: alia@aliasobel.com

Palm Beach, FL

Email: avanicole@thetasouldoctor.com


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